Environmental Policy

This document summarises the Company’s arrangements for environmental risk management. It is intended to supplement and draw together our Environmental Policy, Organisation and other documents.

1: Policies Our Environmental Policy is prefaced by an overall Environmental Policy Statement. This statement is supported by further documents which show our environmental organisation and list the responsibilities of managers and staff. In addition to these we have a number of policies and procedures on individual topics including: Energy management. Environmental purchasing. Corporate transport. Waste hierarchy including waste minimisation and recycling. Environmental incident investigation. Environmental incident reporting. All of the above policies together with this Arrangements document make up our Environmental Policy as referred to in the sections below.

2: Competence, training and information The Company is advised by Indicator- FL Memo Limited on environmental matters Environmental training programmes will be implemented with the object of achieving personal awareness of the risks and hazards to the environment associated with the work we undertake. Our Environmental Policy will be explained to all new staff as part of their induction training and a copy will be made available for reference to any member of staff. In addition, all managers and staff will receive instruction at least annually in our Environmental Policy, our environmental procedures and in their individual responsibilities. Information about new environmental issues, incidents, procedures etc. will be shared with staff via e-mail and or “Facebook”

3: Management and measurement of environmental performance When planning work activities, full account is to be taken of those factors that help to eliminate potentially harmful emissions/discharges, waste or other forms of pollution such as noise. Decisions about operational priorities are to take proper account of the environmental constraints that may be present and the environmental impact created. Each year our senior management will set environmental objectives/targets. Performance will be measured against these targets at least annually. An annual review of our Environmental Policy will be carried out toensure that the procedures and control measures remain valid and relevant to our work activities. Further reviews may be carried out as and when required. All updates and amendments to the documentation will be circulated to all company personnel.

4: Environmental impact/risk assessments Environmentally considerate systems of work will be established and monitored. These will incorporate, where applicable, the findings of environmental risk assessments. Environmental risk assessments are used to identify the standards, requirements and prohibitions which apply to any particular work activity or workplace. Where required in relation to particular projects we will undertake an environmental impact assessment.

5: Identifying relevant environmental legislation We will identify the legislation which applies to our activities and ensure that our policies and procedures reflect the legal requirements placed upon us. We will ensure through our Environmental Manager that new and updated legislation is promptly identified and that senior managers and directors consider the changes which are needed to accommodate any new legislative requirements.

6: Environmental incident management All incidents, no matter how minor, will be reported and recorded on an Environmental Incident Report form. Significant incidents will be promptly investigated to ensure that the appropriate preventive measures are implemented to prevent a recurrence. All such incidents should be reported to the Company’s Environmental Manager in accordance with our environmental incident reporting procedure. In the immediate aftermath of an incident we will prepare and follow a pollution incident response plan.